Announcing the Turso Scaler Plan

When we launched Turso six months ago as a private beta, we did so with a commitment to putting user feedback at the center of everything we do. Since then, one of the top pieces of feedback we've…

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When we launched Turso six months ago as a private beta, we did so with a commitment to putting user feedback at the center of everything we do.

Since then, one of the top pieces of feedback we've received is that people would like to use Turso for production use cases.

To date, we've only offered our free Starter plan. While we think it is generous for a free plan, allowing users to thoroughly test out the power of Turso, its limitations really aren't production friendly.

That's why today we're releasing our new Scaler plan.

In addition to increased plan allowances, Scaler introduces production friendly features that enable greater team collaboration and deeper solution integrations, all available via an exposed platform API that is stable and documented.

Read on for details.

#What, exactly, is new in the Scaler plan?

The Scaler plan is launching with three main improvements…

First of all, we're increasing the amount of storage allowed in the Scaler plan even from what we had publicly committed to previously, as follows:

  • Up to 24 GB of total storage
  • Up to 6 databases
  • Up to 6 locations
  • Up to 100 billion rows read per month
  • Up to 100 million rows written per month

For additional information about pricing and plan features and differences, you can visit our Pricing page, Pricing FAQ or Pricing docs.

Next we're introducing support for Organizations. With Organizations, teams can now collaborate, share resources, and your databases are no longer tied to your personal GitHub account.

And it can all be managed right from CLI. Just type turso db org .

Finally, Turso can now be used completely programmatically, as we've exposed our platform API. This means, among other things, that Turso can now be deeply integrated into your own solution.

Integrating Turso comes with its own unique set of benefits versus traditional databases. Because Turso is built on SQLite, it provides users with a great developer experience that includes making it easy to test your code, and local SDKs that just work. It also means you can add it to your local SDKs without requiring users to spin up a database server locally. It keeps the cost of testing down, as local databases can be spun up cheaply and abundantly, and it all just works.

If you're a Turso user and you'd like to upgrade to Scaler, in keeping with our CLI-first ethos you can do so right from CLI.

Simply type turso plan upgrade to get started.


You can also upgrade via the web, because today we're introducing one more much-requested feature:

#Introducing the Turso web interface.

Turso has always been CLI first, and that is not changing. However, until now it has also been CLI only. Today that is changing.

In response to what is at least tied for the most requested specific feature (Glauber and I go back and forth about this), today we are introducing the new Turso web interface.

This feature is available today as an early beta, and is feature-limited at launch. But we have big plans for bringing to the web new and differentiated functionality that complements the CLI experience, such as Database Management and Analytics, in the near future.

Existing Turso users who sign in from the web will now be dropped directly into the Dashboard, and can even upgrade their plan to Scaler from the Plan Management section of the interface if they would like.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to sign up for Turso, as starting today we've also got a new onboarding experience that concludes at the web interface.

#We're just getting started…

While you'll hopefully agree that all of the above makes Turso more production friendly, we want you to know that this is just the beginning.

Our whole team here is already focused on the next set of important improvements, fixes and whole new feature sets we think our users will love. But we're also intently anticipating your feedback about everything we're releasing today.

So please don't hesitate to tell us what you think. You can message us on our Discord, submit your thoughts via our Feedback Form or schedule a Zoom call — you can even Tweet at us. Our whole leadership team, including the founders and myself, are listening.

Oh, my name is Michael and I run Marketing at Turso. If ya like, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @Michael_Ludden

Onward 🚀