From the creators of libSQL, the popular open contribution fork of SQLite


The Data Edge isn’t pricey

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Free Forever

  • 8 GB of total storage*
  • Up to 3 databases
  • Up to 3 locations
  • 1 billion row reads per month**
  • TypeScript, Rust & Go APIs
  • Local development support with SQLite
  • Works with all edge-native and serverless environment

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  • 20 GB of total storage*
  • Up to 6 databases
  • Up to 6 locations
  • Support for Teams
  • Audit Logs
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Enterprise Partner


Available Until 09/18/23

Become an early design partner

Truly personal support from the founders and key members of the engineering team building the product, offering you the ability to shape the future of The Data Edge

Truly unlimited usage
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited regions
  • Unlimited rows read /mo
  • Unlimited rows written /mo
  • all the benefits of Starter and Scaler plans

Spots are limited, apply now

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*'total storage' refers to the aggregate size of all databases in all locations. For example: In the Free Forever tier if you have one database, that database can be up to 8 GB, but if you have 3 databases, the maximum would be 2.34 GB per database.

** 'row reads per month' refers to the aggregate reads from all databases in all locations.