February 2024 Turso Product and Community Digest

Here is your February 2024 product and community digest. Discord and newsletter subscribers receive these updates earlier - join us!

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February was a busy month for the Turso community. We've seen some amazing projects, and the community has been growing at an incredible pace with nearly 3000 members now on Discord, and almost 6500 stars on GitHub. Join us on Discord if you haven't already.

Here's a quick rundown of what's been happening in the Turso community.

#Community updates

  • awesome-turso is now live! This is a curated list of awesome Turso libraries, tools, and resources. If you're looking for a library or tool to help you with your Turso project, this is the place to start.
  • libSQL Studio by community contributor invisal hit version 0.2.0!
  • cut-it by community contributor mehrabmp is a new link shortener built with Turso, and is open source.
  • My Links is a Linktree clone built with Turso also by mehrabmp!
  • Solana Tracker is a Solana blockchain explorer built with Turso. Make sure you HODL onto this one!
  • Just Launch It launched in February that helps you launch your next project with Turso, SvelteKit, shadcn/ui and more!

#Content updates

  • A new video by Nev the Dev is available to watch and helps get you setup with Turso, Drizzle, and SvelteKit!
  • CEO and Founder Glauber Costa was speaking on the Software Unscripted Podcast this month! Have a listen to learn about implementing databases with Turso.

  • Glauber also spoke on the Open Source Founder Podcast this month about Turso!

  • If you haven't heard enough of Glauber already, he was also on the devtools.fm podcast:
  • Finally, we kicked off The Platform Saga earlier in February that shows how you can use the Platform API to manage your Turso organizations, databases, groups, replicas, and more.

#Documentation updates

We're always updating documentation to make it easier for you to use Turso. We also make sure to add new or update existing documentation to reflect any conversations happening in Discord.

Here are some of the updates we've made in February:

#Launch Week

Finally, March 18 — 22 is the next official Turso Launch Week! There are a lot of new exciting things coming we think you're going to love.