Navigate your Turso database with Outerbase

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You can now manage your Turso database with Outerbase in only a single click.

We have partnered together to provide you with the most user friendly database tool on top of Turso's already amazing SQLite offering.

If you don't already know, Outerbase's mission is to make data accessible by enabling you and your team to view, edit, query, and visualize your data without needing to be SQL experts. With features like built-in AI, dashboards, and data catalog Outerbase is one of the most advanced data platforms out there.

#How it works

Pay close attention, it's a very complex set of steps...

  1. First navigate to your database in new Turso Dashboard (currently in BETA)
  2. Next click the "Open in Outerbase" button

💥 Boom that's it your database is now connected to Outerbase Studio

#What is Outerbase Studio?

Outerbase Studio will provide all the necessities for database management, let's break down all the features for you.

First data management, you can easily view and edit all of your data from Outerbase's intuitive table experience. You can add new records and even sort and filter with the easy to use table filters.

Next up is schema editing. You can completely modify existing tables including their columns all through the interface. Whether you want to add in a new column to an existing table, or create a table from scratch Outerbase supports it.

In addition to using the table filters and built in UI editing capabilities Outerbase also supports writing direct SQL queries to your database using their built in code editor.

That's just scratching the surface. You can do all of this without signing up for an Outerbase account. If you do, however, create an account you'll unlock even more potential. This includes things like AI querying, data visualization and dashboard creation, and even collaborative features like team mate invites, saved queries, and data cataloging.

#What's next?

We're working closely with Turso to provide even more options, like cross database querying, closer branch syncing, and much much more. Join the Turso Discord or contact Outerbase for more information.