Launch Week Day 3: Secure, Compliant & ready for the Pros!

A new Turso Pro plan, and lots of improvements for other plans.

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Since the launch of our Scaler plan last year, we have seen an average growth of 30% per month on the number of people upgrading their plans. More and more production-facing applications are being built with Turso.

But we understand that some production applications have additional requirements, like regulatory compliance, security needs and the ability to better integrate with your own authentication stacks.

Today we're making it an easier decision to build your production application on Turso with the introduction of our new Turso Pro plan, improvements for other plans and a new trust portal.

#Introducing a Plan for Pros

For organizations with more stringent compliance requirements, Turso is announcing the Pro Plan, for $499 per month.

Here is what you get by upgrading to the Pro plan:

#Enterprise grade compliance

The Turso Pro plan includes the following compliance-related features:

  • SOC2 Type 2 (under audit) — While the audit is not yet finished, users can already request auditor letters. The whole platform is SOC2 compliant, but documents are available for Pro Plan users.
  • HIPAA compliance and the BAA — Included in the price of the pro plan, users don't have to purchase an add-on and can request the BAA through our documents portal.

#Larger limits for larger applications

The Pro Plan has higher limits and higher discounts than the Scaler plan in all metrics:

  • 25,000 databases
  • 250 billion rows reads per month + $0.75 per extra billion
  • 250 million rows written per month + $0.75 per extra million
  • 50GB of storage + $0.45 per extra GB
  • 50GB of bytes synced for embedded replicas + $0.15 per GB
  • 10 locations + $5 per location

Aside from that, audit logs are retained for 30 days, it is possible to restore backups at a point-in-time for 3 months, and there is a one day SLA for support over email.

#Improvements for all plans

We're also improving the security, compliance and flexibility of all our plans in some important ways detailed below.

#New ways to login

Until today, Turso required a GitHub account to log in to the service.

More methods are now available:

  • GitHub login
  • Google login
  • email/password with 2FA

This is available for all plans.

#Good news for Europe: DPAs available!

Users in the European Union will often need Data Protection Agreements with their vendors, and they are now available on Turso. Users on Scaler, Pro and custom Enterprise plans and up can go to the Documents portal and request a DPA.

#New Trust Portal

Finally, we are managing our compliance requirements through Vanta, and together with this announcement, we are also publishing our Trust portal, which is public and available to all at

Your feedback is a big part of how we're continuing to improve all of our offerings. It's also a big part of how we determine what comes next. Please share your feedback with us on discord.