Turso introduces new Hobby plan for $9 a month

Developers asked for it, and we delivered: Turso debuts the Hobby plan, for just $9 a month.

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Without burying the lead: we decided to announce today our new Hobby plan. For $9 a month (or $99 a year) you get the same allowances as the free Starter tier, plus you get audit logs, your databases never sleep or scale to zero and you can restore backups to any point in time in the last 10 days.

Since we released our Scaler plan, for $29 a month, developers have asked us for something in between free and $29. This was something we took seriously, but it never quite computed for us: our free plans are already extremely generous - in fact the most generous in the industry, and should you need more, we allow you to add your credit card and pay just for what you use over your quota. It was hard for us to envision what to offer in the middle, so our response was that we would keep investing in making our free plans more attractive.

But we got our eyes opened recently when PlanetScale removed their free tier. Developers consistently asked them - to no avail - to just charge $10 for the free plan. We saw the $10 price point being mentioned a lot. It was clear to us that, maybe contrary to popular belief, developers actively want to support the companies providing them the services they love. They also want to have access to production-grade features.

$29/month seems like an easy price point for a small startup to pay, but a bit of a barrier to individual developers getting started on their side projects. All the credit here goes to our Discord user @orenaksakal, who told us exactly what he'd like to see:

And when our users speak, especially this clearly, we listen. With one exception: our goal is to always provide our users with more than what they asked for. Which is why instead of the $10 we heard everywhere, we are throwing another 10% on top of that. Make it $9!

If you'd like to try the new Hobby plan, head to turso.tech/pricing and click Get Hobby!