Launch Week Day 4: Turso on AWS

Turso is opening a private beta for Turso on AWS, our upcoming premium offering.

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Turso is opening a private beta for Turso on AWS, our upcoming premium offering.

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SQLite has traditionally been thought of as an embedded database. That's because unlike other RDBMs that live outside your application, SQLite lives inside your application. The database and the application are one, and the database is a library.

But applications changed drastically over the past decade, and we need to rethink what it means to be an embedded database in a new context: single process applications are now rare, and most applications are the result of running code in coordination in a bunch of servers.

For us at Turso, being an embedded database ultimately means that you can integrate your application and your database so deeply that the boundaries between them are fused. It means that wherever your application runs, be it locally, in the cloud or on the edge, the same database will be there, running the same code, serving the data with the minimum amount of physical distance possible.

Turso keeps the file-based and local access nature of an embedded database through Embedded Replicas, which allows a database to be replicated straight into your servers, written from any of them, with all servers being kept in sync.

But to fully realize this vision of embeddability, we also need to be where you are.

#Turso on [insert your cloud provider here]

Managing remote replicas outside our infrastructure is only the first step. When you use Turso this way, you are still relying on our infrastructure for the primary locations, and for the synchronization points. But what if you run your code in a different cloud than ours?

We ultimately want Turso to be available wherever you are, and so today we're taking a massive step in that direction with the most used cloud provider on earth.

Today we are announcing the private beta of Turso on AWS.

By giving you the option of running Turso as close as possible to your infrastructure, we want to give you the ability to think of data privacy, sovereignty, and sensitivity in a completely new way.

#What do you get by running Turso on AWS?

Turso is natively deployed at the Edge and replicated in more than 30 locations. That is great for applications that are already being built at the edge. But if your infrastructure lives primarily on the cloud, there are egress costs associated with contacting Turso, which are zeroed or reduced by keeping data within the same cloud provider.

There are also other cost and security considerations: by running as much of the database as possible within your own AWS account, where you may already have negotiated discounts, the overall infrastructure cost can be reduced, which is ultimately passed down to you. And by keeping all data transfers local to the environments you already control, security is increased.

If you're interested in joining the early private beta of Turso on AWS, which will be a premium offering at launch, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch!