Wait… you guys are not actually flying ThePrimeagen to Brazil… Are you?

ThePrimeagen is VERY popular in Brazil. But he's never been there. Turso will fly ThePrimeagen to Brazil and showcase select production apps running Turso to him & in marketing.

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You have heard it before, and may have thought it was a joke: Turso is taking ThePrimeagen to Brazil, if we can get 100 people to build production applications with Turso, subscribing to our annual plan with the link turso.tech/primebrazil. Otherwise we'll fly him to Argentina.

If you thought this was a joke, you're half right. We would never fly him to Argentina (more on this below). But we really are flying him to Brazil, and we want to showcase to ThePrimeagen a selection of apps running in production with Turso. To do this, we're partnering with a great Brazilian company, Azion, to make it happen!

#Why Brazil?

I was born in Brazil a long time ago, but I moved away when I was young. That said, I still understand a couple of foundational things about the place:

#Brazilians are a very welcoming people.

While in most of the developed world attitudes towards foreigners range from “go away” to “cool”, Brazilians were always extremely welcoming of foreign people. People are always eager to talk to foreigners, learn about their culture, and tell them more about Brazil.

If you are someone who matters in your field, you are treated at the level of royalty. And if you go out of your way to show that you like Brazil back and even put some effort into speaking Portuguese, you are now treated at the level of God.

Last guy who told Brazilians he loved them, and they'd be welcome to visit his place if they were ever around, provided they behaved well.

Contrast that with my first experience when I moved to Moscow, Russia, where I lived for 4 years. As an anecdote, my wife loves languages and took multiple years of Russian as a hobby some years before we moved. She was excited to move there, expecting that by speaking Russian she would have a similar treatment. Although I want to make clear that Russia is vast and your mileage may vary from person to person and city to city, the reactions to her trying range from “please die” to “get out of my way”.

#Brazilians have this immensely fun rivalry with Argentina

Brazilians will routinely claim to hate Argentina. In 2014, when Brazil hosted the soccer world cup, a beer brand in Brazil ran a TV ad where they “welcomed” people from Argentina by luring them into a house for a celebration, locked the door, and blew it off. If you don't believe me, see if for yourself:

Oftentimes you will hear extremely aggressive things about Argentina and its people in all sorts of context, as if the countries were on the verge of war. Brazilians may not be motivated to win a particular thing, but they are certainly motivated to make sure Argentina loses. And loses badly.

Friends of mine, upon coming in contact with this for the first time, asked me in the past: is there history of war? Terrorism?

In fact the exact opposite is true, and the whole thing (which to the best of my knowledge is reciprocal) is one big joke. A joke that evolved out of a neighborly soccer rivalry to take a life of its own.

To say soccer is important in Brazil is an understatement. In my experience (that admittedly could be colored by the fact that I absolutely hate soccer), there is no aspect of Brazilian life where soccer doesn't play a role.

#So we decided!

Many times I have seen Brazilian people going crazy during ThePrimeagen's streams on the mere mention of anything about Brazil.

But when I saw this:

A tweet with 160k views, with nothing but the word “Brazil” in it, I knew I had to do something about it. Since we are proud to partner with ThePrimeagen we figured we could just fly him there.

#But will you??

We decided to make it into not just a showcase of ThePrimeagen, but also a showcase of what applications running Turso in production can do. Flying ThePrimeagen to Brazil for no reason is hard to justify. But if we have some apps in production to celebrate and bring to ThePrimeagen, and the world's, attention? Now we're talking! And we've put together a special discounted annual plan, to make it easier. We'll also organize a local meet and greet for select people with our Partner (and Turso customer) Azion. Finally we'll choose a few production applications to showcase both at the events with ThePrimeagen and in marketing surrounding it.

But I know deep down that this may not be motivation enough for a Brazilian. To add the extra oomph you may need to make your database decision, we decided to up it up a notch: if we don't meet the threshold, we'll fly him to Argentina. An outcome no Brazilian would ever be okay with. That ought to do it!

#When and where will you do it?

We are still working on a final date, but expect it to happen in the beginning of May. The most likely locations are the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or, well, Buenos Aires. Please let us know here which city you would prefer!

#What should we expect?

We are also counting on people from Brazil to show up!! Even though we want to host something informal, the logistics for anything in person are hard to pull off. Since we don't have any presence in the country, and because we'd love to use this opportunity to do something memorable, we are working with our great friends from Azion to make sure we can all have a great time, and show ThePrimeagen a bit of the famous Brazilian warm hospitality.

In parallel, we are also in contact with Pope Francis and Javier Milei for a gathering in the heart of Buenos Aires. You know, there's always plan B.

You'd better not build with Turso!

#Keep in touch!

Knowing what you'd like to see in such an event would be very helpful to us. Our friends at Azion are keeping a form asking you questions about what you'd like to see in the event. You can fill it out here.

And don't forget to consider Turso for your next production application! Bonus points if you can showcase a great application using Turso and Azion =;)