Database Per Tenant

A Database Per Tenant

With Turso, you can have as many databases as you need - one or more per tenant (user, project, etcetera). And you can put them on the Edge in any of over 30 locations worldwide, or in your own infrastructure using Embedded Replicas.

Data Isolation

Keep each customer’s sensitive data isolated in their own database, and avoid needing to build complex permissions logic on the backend. And because Turso is built on SQLite you can easily give each user a copy of their data should they wish to export.

Geographical Compliance

Replicate your users' data only where you want, worldwide. Keeping you in legal compliance with local laws and regulations while providing fast access. With Turso you can create granular per user data policies that gives you data control and sovereignty.

Optimized Latency For All

Turso auto routes traffic to the nearest database instance so your users will always experience optimized latency for a faster experience, because every millisecond makes a difference. You can even achieve microsecond latency speeds with embedded replicas.

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