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Turso is HIPAA compliant

We can provide HIPAA compliance BAA letter for Pro plan and Enterprise users upon request

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Turso is built with sensitive data in mind

Data Sovereignty built in

Because SQLite is just a file, you put it where you want it, for example, inside your application living in your infrastructure, and you can decide if you choose that it never leaves that ecosystem.

Database Per Patient Architecture

Enables personalized and secure data management for each patient, ensuring that individual health records are separated, protected, and easily accessible for authorized users only.

Database Per Hospital Architecture

Facilitates comprehensive data storage solutions that allow each hospital to manage its operations, patient records, and administrative information in a segregated, secure, and efficient manner.

Database Per Locality Architecture

Tailored for regional health management, this architecture supports localized data handling, ensuring that community health data is managed within its context, promoting faster response times and tailored healthcare solutions.

Database Per Doctor Architecture

You can offer every tenant their own secure database, placed in a compliant location of your choosing - including inside your own infrastructure if you choose. Built to scale up with a database per tenant architecture.

Encryption at rest at the volume and backup level

Enhances data security by ensuring that all data stored on disk and in backups is encrypted, with upcoming features to include encryption of individual tenant files for an added layer of security and privacy.

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If you’re ready to build an efficient, secure, scalable, sovereign database architecture for modern healthcare needs, so is Turso.

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