The libSQL Glow Up

How libSQL came to have a shiny new logo.

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When we decided to fork SQLite people said we were crazy. They were right. However, forking SQLite turned out to be a great decision, because libSQL has since become one of the fastest growing OSS databases of all time and is approaching 10,000 stars on github (please star it if ya haven’t already!).

We created libSQL because we believe that SQLite can be built into a fantastic option for modern distributed applications, while maintaining compatibility and the same great developer experience that made it the most deployed database in the world.

We’ve added quality of life improvements to libSQL such as server mode, replication, and backups. We’ve also made libSQL open contribution, not just open source, which SQLite famously is not. And we continue to push forward with innovative new features like the recently announced Native Vector Search integration.

With all that happening, we decided it was time to invest in a more unique, recognizable logo for libSQL, and you may have noticed that it has recently changed. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, as The Marketing Person™ at Turso, I was given the unenviable task of telling you all about it.

So here goes.

But first, for context, here’s the one we had before:

As you can see, this boxy monstrosity is the most generic, boring corporate logo imaginable. It signifies nothing related to what libSQL is, or anything else for that matter, and really just makes you want to look away.

That said, it’s not too bad for something done in less than a day. Yes, we had this logo created hastily because we were simultaneously trying to launch the Turso platform, which is powered by libSQL under the hood.

It’s a spectacularly generic logo.

So we decided to replace it with something better. And what is better? In my mind, anything more specific would be an improvement.

We landed on this:

This iconography and style signify 4 main things:

  • This project is simple (like SQLite)
  • This project is Open Contribution (unlike SQLite)
  • This project is maintained by the team at Turso, but…
  • This project is it’s own unique thing separate from Turso

And that’s it. We’re not trying to overthink it - just move in the direction of meaningful improvements over time that stick.


So there you have it. We hope you enjoy the new look of libSQL, alongside libSQL itself of course, and that it becomes an iconic, distinctive mark that brings to mind the modern, forward looking nature of the project and the team behind it.

We welcome your contributions to libSQL (and/or a star), we’d love to have you as a Turso user (it’s free), and please don’t hesitate to join our Discord community to discuss libSQL as well.

Finally, if you’d like to use our shiny new libSQL branding you can grab it here in our logo kit.