libSQL is SQLite
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Build on the most deployed database in the world

SQLite is the most deployed database in the world because it's the simplest to write, test and deploy. libSQL, the open contribution fork of SQLite, builds on that foundation while preserving all the benefits developers love.

Affordable to run, replicate and scale

SQLite runs anywhere, from the smallest device to the most powerful server. With native replication, libSQL makes that into a database that can massively replicate and scale, with low resource usage.

Develop, test and deploy with the same database

Unlike Postgres and MySQL, a SQLite database is just a file. That means local testing is fast and doesn't depend on spawning containers or services. libSQL adds an HTTP mode that lets you take the code you just tested straight into production.

Allows for massive multitenancy

libSQL lets you easily spin up one database per user, regardless of scale, using multitenant database groups. That means support for per user data isolation and convenient geographical placement for minimized latency and local compliance.

Run locally or over the network

libSQL comes with a server mode, libsql-server, and because of other powerful native features like replication, embedded replicas, multi tenancy and edge nodes in every major geo in the world, that means you can write locally and deploy wherever you like.

It's open source and open contribution

We love SQLite, and we believe the Open Source community can help us continue to build it into a modern application powerhouse, while continuing to integrate it into modern workflows. That's why we made the libSQL fork open contribution.

Picture of Andrew Sherman

Andrew Sherman

Creator of Drizzle ORM

If Turso team enables libSQL to store and access a proper autoincrement field info & allows column/constraints alteration, you'll never want to switch to raw SQLite again! 100% win!

Picture of ThePrimeagen


Twitch Streamer & Influencer

Turso pushing and making local file dev with SQLite by adding it to libSQL is just such a game changer.

Picture of Matt Wonlaw

Matt Wonlaw

Creator of Vulcan

I used to think forking SQLite (e.g., libSQL) was crazy but I'm on board now. While SQLite is great, I just don't think it is ready for the demands of the coming years.

Why we created libSQL

Postgres and mySQL are locked in a decades long struggle for SQL supremacy.

Meanwhile, SQLite exists as a popular alternative solution, because developers love its simplicity, reliability and zero conf nature. That's why it is considered the “hello world” of databases: every tutorial starts with SQLite.

Usually SQLite is thought of for alternative use cases where all of your data fits locally within your application, but we strongly believe that SQLite can also play an important role in modern distributed internet workloads, especially where latency and performance are important.

To get there it needs to evolve, however SQLite is open source, but not open contribution.

That's why we created libSQL.

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