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Turso supports a database per tenant architecture that can efficiently scale up to millions of databases

You can eliminate the friction of requiring your users to point to their own data sources by giving each of them direct access to data storage and data persistence.

Astro chose a database per tenant architecture powered by Turso for Astro Studio

The Astro team reached for SQLite for its characteristics: each database is just a file, so creating a database per data source is doable.

A social website to write & deploy Typescript that gives users direct access to their own Turso database.

A next generation cloud computing platform that gives users of its Spin product local libSQL by Turso storage.

libSQL, the open contribution fork of SQLite by Turso, let's you run locally, in the cloud, on the edge or inside your own infrastructure — all with the same drivers.

So you can...
  • Give your users the benefit of having their own SQL database.
  • Programmatically spin them up on demand with our powerful platform API.
  • Get the flexibility to place and replicate them anywhere in the world, including in your own infrastructure.
  • Achieve production peace of mind full disaster recovery with encryption at rest out of the box.

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