Turso is funded and backed by trusted investors who help lead the current technology space.

Essence Venture CapitalFire Star VenturesMango CapitalJamstack Innovation FundBlumberg CapitalNorwestFirestreak
Picture of Guillermo Rauch}
Guillermo Rauch

Founder, Vercel

Picture of Tom Preston-Werner}
Tom Preston-Werner

Founder, GitHub

Picture of Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach}
Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach

Founders, Netlify

Picture of Paul Dix}
Paul Dix

Founder, InfluxDB

Picture of Jacob Smith}
Jacob Smith

Co-Founder, Packet

Picture of Zachary Smith}
Zachary Smith

Co-Founder, Packet

Picture of Alexander Gallego}
Alexander Gallego

Founder, Redpanda

Picture of Andrew Miklas}
Andrew Miklas

Founder, Functional Capital & Co-Founder, PagerDuty

Picture of Ilan Rabinovitch}
Ilan Rabinovitch

SVP Product, Datadog

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