What is the Edge?

“The Edge is a place somewhere between you and the cloud” - Pekka Enberg, Co-Founder & CTO

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Image shows some edge related platforms: They are: Turso, Koyeb, Fly.io, Drizzle, AWS Lambda, Cloudflare Workers, Astro, Vercel edge functions and QWIK

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Every millisecond of latency counts. The Edge promises lower latency than the Cloud alone can by putting compute & data closer to users, minimizing round trip latency. That leads to better user experiences and business outcomes.

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The Edge operates locally where your users and infrastructure live. That means more granular geographical placement for better data sovereignty, data compliance, low connectivity setups and local personalization at scale.

Fast from Everywhere

Allow your users to reach local replicas of your database, immediately, wherever they are.

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Local Replica

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Turso: Welcome to the Data Edge

Edge computing needs data

Even if you run your functions on the Edge near your users, you’re not maximizing latency gains unless your data is there too. A Turso database makes it easy.

Turso is fast from everywhere

Turso automatically minimizes query latencies for wherever your users are with massive, easy replication and auto-routing so you're always optimized for speed.

SQLite brings data portability

The team at Turso created libSQL, the open contribution fork of SQLite, to bring the easiest to use developer experience to the Edge. And that means you can download your data into a SQLite file.

Embedded replicas offer microsecond latency

With unlimited embedded replicas you can operate inside your own infrastructure, support low connectivity setups, achieve microsecond latency & sync from cloud to Edge.

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